It’s Murder on the Home Front

It's Murder on the Home Front Poster

If you like ‘Allo, ‘Allo!, then you’ll love It’s Murder on the Home Front. It’s a frenetic, laugh out loud, roller coaster of a who done it set at the height of World War II.

You and the rest of the inhabitants of Little Sodsbury are to be evacuated ahead of a German bombing raid, but there is a killer in your midsts, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that you and the top secret weapon that is being developed at the local factory, don’t escape the bombs. If you want to save yourself and help the war effort by protecting this weapon, you’ll have to work with the other weird and wonderful inhabitants of Little Sodsburys to uncover the killer in this unique, interactive, who done it!

Join in the songs, quiz the actors on stage, laugh till your sides hurt, but never let your guard down because someone in there with you is the murderer and they want you all dead!