How long do the murder mystery nights last?

Please be aware that this is only a guide. Due to the nature of the murder mysteries we cannot guarantee a finish time.

A typical evening murder mystery might go something like this:

We ask people to arrive at seven for a seven thirty start.

The first scene of the murder mystery is played out.

You go to the dining room around eight, and your first course is served shortly afterwards.

Your meal will last about two hours. During which, more clues will be revealed, further scenes will be acted and you will get the chance to question the actors and your fellow guests.

Around ten o’clock you will be asked to come up with your solution. These will then be read through followed by the inspector re-entering, revealing the correct solution and arresting the murderer.

The murder mystery normally finishes at half past ten, but the exact time depends on the number of guests and how enthusiastically they interact with the actors.