Since 2009, people have been treated to murder mystery weekends, murder mystery nights and murder mystery events they’ll never forget as they have taken part in the interactive murder mystery dining experience that is The Mowbray Murders.

Whether they have chosen to take on one of the guest character roles or just sat back and tried to solve the crime, they’ve interrogated suspects, inspected the clues and been taken on a heart stopping ride by a top cast as they have hoped beyond hope that they are not next on the murder’s list!

Now, it’s your turn!


The Mowbray Murders’ story began in September 2008 when Darren and Laura Weir became proprietors of The Mowbray Guest House in Eastbourne. The pair, both ex-barristers, decided that it was the perfect setting for murder mystery weekends, so Darren penned the first murder, The Duke’s Will.
He then got in touch with a local theatre company, Underground Productions (UP), to see if they would be willing to help with auditions.

Before long, the cast was assembled, rehearsed, and ready for their premier murder mystery weekend in January 2009.

From the beginning, these events were interactive with the guests taking on key roles as suspects, and the actors staying in character throughout the weekend.

This format was hugely successful, and soon, local people were asking for one night murder mysteries for those who lived locally and wanted to enjoy the fun.

The plot was adapted, and one night murder mystery evenings began in April 2009. These have been running regularly, with excellent reviews, ever since.

Guests who attended the first murder mystery were soon clamouring for a second helping. Our second plot, Donation of Death, was written by Robert A Wood a local author who was one of the foundering members and is still one of the Mowbray Murder actors.

Feedback so far has been excellent, with reviews of the murder mysteries appearing in national newspapers, and customers now asking for a third plot.

In 2014 we took our Murder Mysteries to the stage with an interactive show called Murder on the Home Front, and plans are afoot to tour it round the country in 2017.


Please note, we currently do not sell individual tickets to Murder Mysteries, we only do group bookings. The price below is for the Murder Mystery only (i.e no food or accommodation).

Show Name Theme Format Number of Actors Number of Guests Recommended Number of Guests Price Notes
Sleep With the Fishes Nautical Evening Meal 0 8 8 £5 Instant Download – Coming Soon!
Speakeasy – Die Easier 1920s America Evening Meal 1 16 16 £350
Donation of Death Black Tie Evening Meal 4 10-50 20 £500 (food for actors to be provided)
The Dukes Will Contemporary smart/casual Weekend 8 10-50 20 £1000 (food and accommodation for actors to be provided)
Death Factor X Factor Evening Meal 4 10 – 100+ 100+ £500 – £1500 (food for actors to be provided)
It’s Murder on the Home Front WW II Interactive Theatre Show 4 0 – 1000+ Works with any size audience £2000

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